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Guarding Services Crisis Management
Executive Protection Contingency Planning
Customised Services Armed Guard Services
Fire Protection Escort Services (men & material)
Security Consultancy
Pro active Guarding services are provided with a strong liaison support of Civil Police, and the Client management and effective Command and Control of our agency Staff through a qualified, trained and motivated team of instructors with strong emphasis on:-
Armed and unarmed Guarding Services.
Security survey and planning for client’s premises.
Security coverage to high-level National International Seminars, Festivals and Meetings etc.
Terrorism and Crime Threat Analysis and Situation Reports.
Development of Corporate Security Policy and Operating Procedure.
Total integrated Security System Design.
Workshops, Training Program and Talks to create Pro-active Security Culture.
In-house Consultation and Security Bench Marking.
Provision of manpower like heavy/light duty drivers, peons and other technical staff from retired Army personnel on contract basis.
Provision of verification services for clients/local staff/banks
It's important to realize that risks are ever-changing. “Executive Protection Services” can develop a baseline level of security for your executives that can be increased when warranted. "Good executive protection professionals understand the threat level and analyze it constantly With a mix of laid down safety procedures and latest technology, complete satisfaction in executive protection is provided to our clients.
After a thorough security Survey, and in consultation with the concerned Management, specific services as per the requirement of the client and situation on ground, we make efforts so that Customized Services as required are provided for complete client satisfaction.
Fire can be controlled or extinguished, either manually (firefighting) or automatically. Manual includes the use of a fire extinguisher or a Standpipe system. Automatic means can include a fire sprinkler system, a gaseous clean agent, or fire fighting foam system. Automatic suppression systems would usually be found in large commercial kitchens or other high-risk areas.
Our consultancy services / Investigative Services help our existing and prospective clients to assess, plan and deploy security staff so as to achieve maximum security with minimum requirement of resources. Investigative Services.

It is critical to investigate incidents involving pipeline networks, company facilities and personnel.

Incidents may include sabotage, theft, pipeline tapping, fraud, extortion and accidents.

The lack of appropriate investigative response may create an environment of carelessness and apathy concerning company property and operations.

BIGS investigative expertise can provide initial and follow up investigations of internal and external incidents as well as background and due diligence inquiries.

We can help strengthen your operations through the following activities:
Investigation of pipeline network incidents including sabotage, pipeline tapping & the theft of product
Pre-employment and background inquiries to verify credentials of prospective employees and vendors
Due diligence inquiries concerning potential joint venture partners in domestic and international operations
Analysis of incident location elements to forecast potential incidents
Our investigations include complete documentation, the preparation of case briefs and the presentation of evidence in civil and criminal proceedings.
Crisis management is the process by which an organization deals with any major unpredictable event that threatens to harm the organization, its stakeholders, or the general public. Three elements are common to most definitions of crisis: (a) a threat to the organization, (b) the element of surprise, and (c) a short decision time.

Whereas risk management involves assessing potential threats and finding the best ways to avoid those threats, crisis management involves dealing with the disasters after they have occurred. It is a discipline within the broader context of management consisting of skills and techniques required to assess, understand, and cope with any serious situation, especially from the moment it first occurs to the point that recovery procedures start.
Effective contingency planning requires the assessment of your company’s operations and the risks that may affect it.

The BIGS team has national expertise in security contingency planning.

With our background, we offer the following security contingency planning services:
Development and implementation of corporate contingency programmes including crisis management plans
Presentations of corporate contingency programmes to company personnel and stakeholders
Initial and recurrent training in corporate contingency programmes
Ongoing reviews and analysis of contingency programme effectivenesss
Implementation and execution of corporate crisis management plans
Bharat Industrial Guards Services provides armed security services at all locations where so desired by the Clients. When it comes to our armed security personnel they are at the top of their class equipped with a trained manpower drawn from the elite Defense and Para Military forces.
The Industry delivers a huge amount of different products. Many of them are used in our daily life; others are designed for highly sophisticated technical applications for large scale industries.

With a trained man power and excellent communication system we also cater for reliable escorts for Cash transfers, Heavy Goods, valuable goods, Chemical & Petrochemical material.
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